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03-06-2013, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Heh, and if I'm Danny I just say send my checks to tahiti, I'll take a compliance buyout in the summer.

We have very little leverage here.
We have more than you think.

Briere might get more money overall if he waits for the buyout, but things aren't done in a vacuum, and players don't only think about money.

He's getting up there in age now - and even if he were to be moved now, he'd still get his pick of destination (so that doesn't really change whatsoever). The only factor is how much money he thinks he can squeeze out if he get bought out over the summer.

However, as we both know, in pre-season, teams don't lineup as they 'should' at all times - so what happens if he picks a team to sign with that "should" be good, but flop? Now he's committed to that team again.

Whereas, if he accepts a trade mid-season, the team he's traded to (which would obviously be a higher-end team), he's guaranteed of at least one more run to the cup, because he wouldn't waive for a non-playoff team.

Also, knowing a team wants to trade you, would you just want to stick around? I wouldn't, and that becomes a personal choice. Not all players want to stick around in cases like this, and would look to move on quickly.

It's not always so cut and dry - while he may make more money if waits, he may have a better opportunity if he doesn't.

I wouldn't fault him either way, but I know what I would do.

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