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Originally Posted by ult View Post
Actually that growth says a lot about their potential, which is immense. And ticket sales are not an option due to the different level of salaries, they can't squeeze 120 bucks per ticket out of ordinary people. And they've already reached 99% attendance.

And again, like I've already mentioned in my previous post, they already cover all their expenses on marketing, production, leases, etc. So yes, they spend a lot of money on all that stuff, but they earn even more. So others should strive for it, even if they will only break even at first.

Obviously player salaries are too big right now, but nonetheless, I'd say earning $15mln part of that enormous budget, without the TV money (which should be resolved in the near future) and sponsor contracts, is pretty damn good.
Oh for sure earning $15mln is extremely good. It could even cover some entire budgets like Avto or full top VHL teams but my point is that there is no way you are earning this money without investing a multiple of that first. Only an amount of teams that you can count on one hand can invest this kind of money into brand promotion/expansion.

if its 99% capacity, demand is larger than supply, so you can charge whatever you want as long as that is true. In any geographical location. You think average Canadians can regularly afford to watch the TML? How do you think the prices got so high? Same thing, high demand.

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