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03-06-2013, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
School level football? Er .... that's basically schmuck level. It's true that many of the best talents per age group for most nations start at 5/6, though a function of that is often due to their parents involvement in the sport. Football doesn't require the same exact structure at the youngest ages, however high end professional footballers will have been playing/obsessed with the sport since a similar age.

Rugby is a sport focused more on pure physical traits, traits that don't manifest properly until later on. So yes, in Rugby one can pick up the sport later.

Decision making and awareness of ones surrounding environment are critical attributes in the majority of sports. Yes, "Hockey IQ" is an important trait, and something you look for in developing players, however to say it's more important in hockey than in other sports is to be somewhat disingenious and biased towards your favourite sport. There are many technically gifted players with good raw physical attributes in football who are limited by poor decision making. Tennis requires a constant ability to make quick efficient decisions. As do many other sports. To succeed in Ice Hockey, one doesn't require more "brains" than any other sport.

Again, your example is really flawed and contradictory. I imagine if you played central defense in a football game, your decision making would be highly detrimental to your team, when you reach a certain level of medicority and competency skill level.

What you say is somewhat obvious ; the more players you indoctrinate into the sport at a young age, the greater number of better players in theory we produce. The same can be said for the majority of sports. If you want to reach a proficient level at any semi globalised sport, you're going to have to start at a young age. You think football stars, top flat and national hunt jockeys, top tennis players, top swimmers etc didn't begin at a very very young age? I agree with your premise to an extent in that youth development needs to begin early with ice hockey, but your notion that this is more apparent in ice hockey is very inaccurate.
UK B league junior ice hockey is basically schmuck level, I don't like to say it, but it's true, I would know, I played it. It really is no better than school level football or rugby, but obviously you've never seen it, so you didn't know that.

I hate to use the age old typical HF argument "you have never played the game" but here, I feel I have to. I've played many sports over the years at structured level, I've played club level rugby union, club football, club cricket, and a bit of inter-school competition tennis, field hockey, as well as obviously ice hockey and a bit of roller hockey. Ice hockey has by far the largest requirement of skills and cognitive ability than all of the others, to play at a basic structured level. Like I said earlier, the lowest level of structured junior hockey is no better than school football. Of course there are other sports that require more skill, but they are not the mainstream sports, and are usually not team sports (first examples I can think of are F1 driving and gymnastics). But of course that's just like, my opinion, man.

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