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03-06-2013, 04:09 AM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post
Yes, Avto can't afford it, but there are plenty of other rich teams who can, but somehow don't bother with it. Well, you can say - why bother when they have unlimited resource of easy money... I'm pretty sure that's how they think. Especially those guys in Kazan. I've read some of their interviews, they're still stuck 30 years behind.
sad, especially in Kazan, where would be no problem to invest extra money into marketing etc. Traktor opened new shop somewhere in shopping center of Chelyabinsk a few days ago (plus club´s museum in Arena Traktor). I dont know how many shops Traktor has, I would say they have one in Arena? if they decided to open new one, good for them. You wrote similar case of SKA and its new shop in city.

Kazan seems to do better job at social networks (VKontakt, youtube) this play-off. Is it only temporary thing?

Hope more teams will follow SKA´s example.

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