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03-06-2013, 04:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Dampland View Post
ZERO points for a 5th straight game, 1 shot tonight, and minus 3, playing 6th highest minutes of the forwards. Yet you say "one of the best again" Do you think we are all blind? we can watch the games and clearly see he is nowhere close to being "one of the best", and he is getting more playing minutes than most of the forwards.

How long are you going to continue to hand us dogcrap and try to convince us it is Chocolate cake?

Just be honest for once. as in " the kid is struggling, sure hope he can turn it around someday"

He was clearly one of our best players yesterday. But I am not surprised you will not admit that, considering you did not even say one positive thing about the great game he had against Edmonton.

First off, two of the goals against yesterday when he was on the ice came from 2 idiotic turnovers which he had nothing to do with.

If the kid was "struggling" yesterday, then the rest of the team was complete garbage. I can not see how you can be able to make such a statement without actually "scaling" (?) his performance with the rest of the teams. Jesus f-ing christ man.

He has lately gotten himself into 1-2 good scoring opportunities, and given his linemates 2-3 good scoring chances each game. He continues that play and the points will come, but I highly doubt you will attribute any credit to Granlund. We will see.

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