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03-06-2013, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
The trade was unnecessary and poorly timed. You know the next 2 years of Coles contract is going to be bad do you? Hand me your crystal ball, I bet you were one of the many saying it was a terrible signing in the first place and then he scored 35goals and you vanished right?

hockeyfan is still ******** cammy got a swift kick in the ass and hasn't let it go. He has a soft spot for that useless floater.

Cole is the better player and now wasn't the time to move him and disrupt the team while he is turning his game around. We needed all the physical players we can get and ryder brings none of that.
Don't need a crystal ball, just need to actually watch the games. 7 piggyback points in 21 games is awful NOW for a 4.5 mil player. Don't even want to see what that abortion looks like after fermenting for another year or two.


Why you mad tho?

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