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03-06-2013, 05:55 AM
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I need to make another plea with some of you guys out there...

Stop with the incessant "Down in front! Sit down!" screams. Seriously.
Please please please for the love of God use common sense and realize that with the renovation, the gates and rows are narrower, and the time between whistles is shorter. When you see a guy or gal rushing to get past people in the row so they can sit down before the faceoff... cut them some slack and realize they're trying to sit as quick as they can.

The lollygaggers, fine... yell at them.

But I'm talking about the sauced-up people who feel it's their duty to scream bloody murder at people the absolute millisecond they get to their row. I'm talking specifically about the 3 or 4 sauced up gentlemen in the middle of section 222 last night. Literally every person who got up in the section got an earful from these pillars of the community. Even people 10 rows down.

Guys, common courtesy. Realize when people are making the effort to get to their seats in a timely fashion. Sure, some people take their sweet ass time (the Flyers fans last night for example). But when a tiny-framed woman is falling down because she's rushing to get to her seat before hearing your screaming at her... it's embarassing for us fans that actually have a little couth. (The "dumbass!" shouts at people trying to sit are also unneccesary.)

I would like to chalk it up to some guys who were drunk, thinking they were funny. But this has happened at nearly every game so far. Shout at the refs, berate Boyle, let Potvin know how you feel, suggest Hextall drive a certain luxury car, discuss Marty's marital status... that's all fine. But cool it with the "sit down dumbass" stuff. It's not needed.

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