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03-06-2013, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
James Stephan ‏@J_Habs
LeBrun: #Habs Bergevin won't mortgage future for rentals, likely going to be a player they can keep long term 2+ years

James Stephan ‏@J_Habs
LeBrun: #Habs want to get bigger up front, think of Prust, same idea, top 9 player. Possible trade bait those 2nds and 3rds stockpiled

If this is the goal then who are they looking to move?

Patches DD Gallagher ......... DD? I wouldn't. Maybe Gally - city would riot
Gally Pleks Ryder................ Pleks? Therrien loves him. Ryder? That would be pointless, could have traded Cole for what they want now.
Prust/Bourque Eller Gionta... Looks like Gionta.

So to bring in that top 9 gritty physical player would mean that Gionta is on the move. No other way to fit that player into our top nine.

I don't know if management is ready to cut Gionta loose. I was never a big fan of Gionta for this team. For Boston, Philadephia, Toronto, yes. For Montreal no.

If they are really looking for a top 9 looks like Gionta is the candidate to go.

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