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03-06-2013, 06:32 AM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Beside the point is one is structured and affliated, the other not, these are extremely medicore complexes of talent.

Cognitive? At what level? Your level? Competent level? High level? This discussion is framed within players needing to start early to become relatively high end players. Such a concept is common practice in most sports. Ice hockey might have harder basic skills to develop (Since they are in effect not natural skills to us), however to reach an elite level at the sport, you've given no data or information to suggest ice hockey actually is harder. Your experiences of playing extremely low level football and medicore structured ice hockey niether confirms nor denies that salient point ; you aren't remotely close to fitting an example that complies with the hypothesis.

If you want to say ice hockey is a harder sport to initially pick up over football, tennis etc at a basic level ... i agree. What you're actually trying to imply is that ice hockey is a harder sport to play and develop to an elite level .... which is an unfounded argument.

Finally, these sports that have more "skill" are observed through your definition of what "skill" is. What is skill? What do you define it as? Anticipation, hand eye co-ordination, speed, stamina, mental capacity, strength? Skill is an ambigious term.

You're right, i've never played ice hockey, and likely never will. Of course, if i had, my experiences at a low level in a variety of sports implemented as a cross comparison is basically useless when assessing this topic. It would be an opinion formed through weak experiences and a personal bias orientated around what as an athlete i am genetically and mentally more suited for. I would be more suited to football than ice hockey because of my body type. Not much one can glean from that. Hence your experiences really are of little use when trying to tackle such a broad question ; a question that is arbitary to begin with.
Ok, I think my point was not made clearly enough, when I said "In order to succeed" I did not mean elite level i.e. NHL. Obviously as you said in all sports the elite start at young age. I was talking about the lower levels, but are still a decent competitive level. You would not find a player in the EIHL or even the EPIHL who started playing after their 10th birthday at the latest, go down to NIHL division 1, you might find a few, maybe. Those are hardly high levels. Many would consider making it to EPIHL level in British hockey "succeeding" as it is semi-professional.

But yes, I do believe hockey is a harder sport to play and develop to the elite level, based on my experiences playing different sports and due to facts: the huge number of different physical skill required and the difficulty of those skills. I also believe the cognitive skill is more important, due to the pace of the game. Yes football requires a great deal of awareness and all that but you have a lot more time with the ball to make decisions compared to hockey.

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