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Originally Posted by zarley zelepukin View Post
Just curious, which players do you think are underperforming? Really I'm asking anyone who feels this way. Most guys are on a really good pts/game pace, and Bryz has played well overall. Not many guys left to name but a couple defensemen maybe. I think this team is just not that good and has had a couple important injuries.
Bryz. He started the season awesome, but when the offense started to pick up, he dropped off and is letting in all kinds of soft goals again. He also makes terrible decisions like poke checks or reading obvious plays wrong. Seems like both the offense and Bryz can't be going at the same time.

Otherwise, I agree with a lot of what YuioIklo said. Couts, Coburn, Talbot, Briere, Timonen and Hartnell are all underperforming. I don't blame Couts though, he's only 20, and Hartnell is coming off foot surgery and the lockout, so I understand he'll take some time to get in his groove. The others, especially Coburn (I don't buy playing injured, I feel like Coburn does this all the time) and Briere need to step up. Giroux isn't playing like he was last year, seems like he isn't taking the same kind of risks offensively that used to pay off for him. Watching him it feels like he's just playing it safe, maybe he's distracted by the captaincy and off his game a little.

Otherwise, like I said, it seems like a coaching and management issue. Bad coaching decisions keep leading to defensive breakdowns, like the line changes against the Rangers and reckless pinching by defense (our defense is so slow, I don't know how always pinching is a good idea). We also seem to overcommit to the forecheck and give up oddman chances frequently. I think it's just Lavi's system in general, it's a risky, offensive-first system that's being exposed as teams both figure us out and our offense isn't producing like it should be. Our team looks good when we can produce offensively, but that's been extremely streaky this year and when we're up against a good defensive team, we just collapse.

As far as the offense not producing, it seems to be a finishing problem. No one can score right now other than Voracek and Simmonds. Hartnell is struggling, Briere is invisible, Giroux was never a goal scorer, and Schenn seems to be cooling off again. Gagne isn't his old self and likely won't be, Couts doesn't really have the opportunity to produce and is still too young to expect production from, and Read of course is injured. I think a pure goal scorer is a major need for this team.

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