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Originally Posted by TheLegendkiller View Post
Yo this board is annoying as **** when we lose a game.
So are people dismissing legitimate concerns. Bryz hasn't been good for the past 10 games or so (maybe the Sens game, but he let in that softie and was the lesser goalie in that game), he's started letting in his usual soft goals, and the Rangers game last night was a perfect example of it finally biting us in the ass. People can make excuses, but an elite, or even just good, goaltender doesn't let all 3 of the Rangers last 3 goals in. Like Giroux said in his post-game interview, those goals deflate a team and rob them of any momentum. Bryz tends to be a momentum killer.

He's been letting in bad goals like this since he arrived, but a lot of the time it's been like the Sens game (a bad goal but still able to pull out a win), or we just outscore Bryz's softies, or we're playing so bad it doesn't matter cause something was bound to go in anyway (ironically, Bryz seems to play his best when the rest of the team doesn't show up. Unfortunately, they never seem to be able to convert those efforts by Bryz into wins).

Not saying Bryz is always at fault, the team leaves him out to dry A LOT. But I don't think one person in here doesn't feel the dread of an impending goal when anyone gets any kind of open space in front of Bryz with the puck. Guy is garbage 1-on-1 and pretty damn bad on the odd-man rushes too. All too often he just makes terrible decisions, like poke checks last night, or how he usually overcommits to the puck-carrier or first move. Or even like Nash's first goal, guy didn't even react. How many times have we seen that?

I've been a Bryz apologist in the past, I've always thought he just needed time to find his groove and the flashes of brilliance we've seen would start to become commonplace. Unfortunately, the soft goals and bad decisions don't seem to be going away, and he's not the consistent goaltender we've needed and can rely on. It's too bad we let Bob go, I'd be about ready to buy Bryz out. Maybe we should and make a move for someone like Bernier.

Bryz is too big a cap hit for his mediocre performances.

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