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03-06-2013, 08:45 AM
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i think at this stage of the game with the size and speed of today's players and the rise in injuries that a full cage like in college and high school should mandatory.

every player has a cut, bruise or missing teeth on their face and it is the only part of their body that is not protected but yet gets injured often to all players.

you would think by now they would have changed that.

i also think it is time for some changes to the helmet. they need more padding like a nfl helmet and the chin strap needs to be kept snug so the helmet stays put and combine that with the full cage and it would eliminate a lot of needless injuries.

goalies use a cage and no one needs to see what is going on more then him and they do fine.
not using cages is more of a excuse and macho thing then anything else as well as the traditionalists don't like it and some rules would be effected like high sticking and as much as teams don't want to see anyone hurt they are not ready to lose the opportunity to get a power play or even a double minor if blood were drawn.

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