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03-06-2013, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by The Mouth View Post
yes I'm jealous of a 65 year old announcer who looks like Ben Franklin. I have a collection of hockey game videos that goes back to the 1950's and I've listened to every announcer there is. So I am kind of an expert on the subject. I've listened to everybody from Foster Hewitt. Bill Hewitt, Bob Cole, Pat Foley to all the guys that are announcing now.

I also post on a myriad of topics here, so yoru characterization is wrong.

I hear you on being a positive guy, but his play calling ability is horrible, he has legendary status on awful for his football announcing, I'm thinking of posting some of his hockey stuff, its actually pretty funny.
So if I want to make fun of you because of how you look, would you report my post? Because I could go on and on.

You sound like a 5 year old making fun of how he looks. "He looks like Ben Franklin."


Glass from Girardi is practically a mathematical impossibility. I'm glad to have witnessed this great Rangers moment. -Bob Richards
I'd hate to know what the toilet facilities look like after a game with the way this team aims... -Megustaelhockey
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