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03-06-2013, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
I don't think Cena/Rock can afford to work a straight shooting, clean match again, no matter how technically well performed it is or how well either is in shape. They're going to have to pull out some major swerves or some other kind of drama here to engage the audience. Either a dirty Cena win, or a Rock swerve, or some kind of totally unseen run-in. SOMETHING other than two man bears throwing each other around the ring and overselling everything. That's exactly what everyone does NOT want to see.

Hopefully there is something in the works there, because I don't think anyone is particularly excited for that match.
Originally Posted by OmniSens View Post
It sure is a tough act to follow. Only way I can see it top the last, is if Cena wins this dirty and turns heel.
Agree with both of you guys.

Proper booking is to put the belt back on Cena IMO. As much as I don't want to see it, Cena should get the title back. But, it's going to be disgusting if it's just a straight up 25 minute singles match with Cena hulking up and winning clean. I fear the worst: Rock his a couple Rock Bottoms throughout the match and it never puts Cena down for 3. So he hits a Rock Bottom, say the 3rd of the match, but instead of going for the cover he goes for a People's Elbow. Cena drags him into an STF and Rock taps.

What they need to do is give Cena a questionable victory, one that gets the wheels turning on whether he's going heel finally. Then at the next ppv when Rock gets his rematch, Cena pulls an even worse stunt, and rips into the crowd the next night on Raw.

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