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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
I already explained in the now closed thread and other European poster have expressed similar views. Simple case of level playing field, games played only in NA is a big nono. If you've paid any attention to what not only the Russian posters her but what their hockey bosses have been saying, their egos are "a bit" high right now mostly due to the KHL. Which means expecting Russia to take part in a tournament with a clear NA advantage, is not going to happen. With Russia saying no, other European federations would follow. Someone suggested that each federation would be paid for participation. Even if the organizers paid for the players insurance (doubtful, considering how high they already are), it would take at least a high 7 figure sum, probably even an 8 figure sum to get Russia even get their ***** off the couch. Once again, other federations would demand equal money which would make the tournament making any kind of profit impossible. As has been demonstrated before, NHL values NA tv audiences more than anything so games played in Europe are no go to them. To sum it up, the time when Europeans would jump at joy to play in an NHL hosted/organized tournament, is gone.
So, all the European countries are going to just follow Russia's lead? Didn't realize this was 1973. It is not as if the rest of the countries have followed Russia's lead in reagards to dealing with their NHL draftees and transfer agreements. Russian NHLers will play, regardless of whether their federation or the IIHF is involved. Russia would only boycott because they know the only tourney they can win is when they are able to use their best players while the US and Canada is using mostly players from the C and D squad, like was the case in last year's World Championships.

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