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Originally Posted by rojac View Post
Perhaps if Balsillie had just been trying to buy the Coyotes in a normal transaction, a deal could have been worked out. But instead, he decided to team up with Richard Rodier to try to bypass the NHL bylaws by buying a team out of bankruptcy. And personally, I think the NHL should have Hamilton on a "never give this city a team" list because the city threw in with Balsillie and Rodier.
Well this makes a lot of sense. Forever boycot a city due to one past potential owner who tried to move a team to that city against the league's will. Balsillie's greatest crime seems to be he didn't act in perfect harmony with the Old Boy Network's rules and regulations, some of which are written down, some aren't.

If that's the threshold for banning a city from having an NHL team for all time, off the top of my head we better get NHL hockey out of these markets, and the list below is actual NHL owners, not the actions of wannabe potential NHL owners:

- Toronto - Harold Ballard was a criminal and went to jail.
- Anahiem - Samuelli ended up in jail on securities fraud.
- Edmonton - Pocklington ended up in jail.
- Los Angeles - McNall. Jail.
- Nashville - Boots is still in jail.
- Los Angeles - Anschuitz inappropriately loaned money to Boots and "forgot" to tell Gary and the rest of the league.
- Minnesota - Leipold inappropriately loaned money to Boots and "forgot" to tell Gary and the rest of the league.
- Tampa - I'm not even sure the original owners existed. Then Len Barrie got involved somehow, years later.
- St Louis - the owner refused to let the team draft one year.
- NY Islanders - Spano. Fraud.
- Ottawa - Melnyck is regularly under securities violations investigations.
- Buffalo - Adelphia company, racketeering.
- Florida - Blockbuster guy charged too much for late fees on VHS rentals.

I'm sure I'm missing quite a few. The Carousel of Less-Than-Stellar Owners is constant. The NHL has long had a sordid history of getting involved with crooks and weasels. If you're telling me Balsillie is any worse than any of these guys, good luck with that.

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