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krazy kanuck

I did not include Theoret pts with nor did I count Giftopoulous pts with Ottawa just their
pts with their new teams,and while I did include Koekkoek pts with Pet I also included
Dotchins pts with Owen Sd
As for Camara there is no chance he returns,I do think Hall does but I think the Islanders will sign Theoret
As for the Pavelka inclusion it t was for o/a purposes,while i know a team cant have 3 euros on the roster although there is a rule if an euro is a nhl 1st rder u can have 3
until he returns from nhl then u have to move 1,but when the committee goes over the
projected roster the euro draft has not occurred yet
You talk about goaltending,I would point out at the 30 game mark this season Dekort
ave was 3.08 and Pavelka"s was 3.12 and the team had a 500 record not as good as barrie,but goaltending wise numbers as good or better the Fontinos,also the number of games missed was less then 10 man games,during the last half of the season the man games missed due to injury is approx 100 ten times as much with bulk of it on the back end,which largely explains the high goals against,2 of the teams best dmen have missed
a good chunk of time since the trade deadline,Koekkoek 22 games,Seiloff 14 games, and Spits are only 2 under 500 in the 24 games since the trade deadline and that only occurred this weekend when there 6 and 7 guys out
When the Spits had everybody in the lineup for a stretch their goals against was well under 3
No question Spits have had more games missed due to injury then Barrie to those who are returning next yr especially on the back end
You will notice that I included pts for players returning with no o/as and pts for players returning including o/as and Windsor still returns more both on def and upfront in both situations
I know for sure the committee looks at possible returning O/As for each club with a critical and reasonable expectation that those potential o/as will return which is why
i did not include Camara,and have questions about Hall or Theoret
I have no doubts for Windsor that Giftopoulous and Pavelka would return should Windsor
wish to include them as part of their presentation
What would happen if the commitee expects Hall,Thoeret and Lepkowski too return and they all dont big difference,which is why i gave 2 different projected stats on returning players
At the end of the day London"s roster overall is better then Windsor and Barrie projecting
on who is returning
A case can be made for both Windsor and Barrie that each of their returning D excluding
O/A players project to be be better in regards to Windsor having 9 D-men,Barrie 7D-men and London 4D-men coming back with Ohl experience,however London has 2 goalies,Barrie and Windsor 1 each returning excluding O/As,London has 11 forwards,Windsor 9 and Barrie 7 reurning with ohl experience again excluding O/As
My view has not changed despite what u have brought up
Barrie stands to lose Scheifele,Camara,Beyers,OConnor,and Niederberger,while
Windsor loses Koko and Aleardi,while London loses Harrington,Hughes,Ferry and probably
Sefton all D men
Windsor in the end brings more offensive especially from the defence,defensively i would say even when everybody is healthy and I am including Lepkowski,for Barrie,and goaltending with Pavelka in an edge to Windsor,if Pavelka is out which might occur I gived a slight edge to Barrie,although has a goalie ready in the system to act as a back up,not sure if Barrie does have another goalie in the system

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