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03-06-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Febfemton View Post
Watched 50+ games with AIK this season. I have no attachments to any NHL-team.

It's such a shame that it went this way for all parts since AIK could have benefited a lot more by having this talented guy on the ice. But facts is facts, when Jensen didn't play, the rest of the team performed better, there was a better synergy. I can't recall exactly when he started to get less ice time but it was around that time when the team actually went on a hot streak and made a rush towards the play-off.

Of course AIK benefited. He scored 17 goals and was without a doubt the guy with the best scoring ability on the team. What I'm saying is that his skill unfortunately didn't come without some problems off and on the ice, like I explained earlier. Some GM's thinks a lack of character is no big deal since you can transform him meanwhile I and AIK:s GM thinks it's hard to transform such consolidated behavior.
Thanks febfemton.

Appreciate that.

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