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03-06-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by blueshirtbolt View Post
i've never worn a visor before, never will. haven't been hit with a puck or stick - yet - i know it will sooner or later but i'll deal with it there and then lol i've a huge head and any visor seems to make helmets fit wierd.

if staal misses any time how about calling up mcilrath?!
Played for years without one, tried visors and took them off during the game because I couldn't stand it. Three weeks ago I got a puck come up off a stick just beside my right eye and I now have a nice one inch vertical scar on my forehead next to my eyebrow. I went out and bought the thinnest cage I could find. It was annoying for about half of the first game, especially when trying to find loose pucks near your feet, but now I don't really notice it anymore. It was my turn and like you alluded to it will be yours eventually. Having said that, I think it's every guy's decision and I don't think making it mandatory is the way to go personally. Especially at the pro level. In a beer league I just kind of realized the slight advantage it gave me wasn't worth losing an eye over. Mind you it took a puck to the face to make me realize that.

Anyway, glad to hear what sounds like positive news this morning regarding Staal. Anytime this stuff near the eyes happens to any player for any team you just cringe and hope for the best.

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