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03-06-2013, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Okay, i'm sorry

DD's is the best all-around player in the NHL...He is so good defensively he should nominate for the Selke!! Good god, somme poeple will never understand that bieng good at one thing doens't mean you are good at everything!!!

You see hte difference between you and that I admit the upsides of a player....i admit DD's is awesome offensively...why can you admit that he sucks defensively, cause he does (no wonder why not 1 coach trusted him enough to let him go on the PK)
Your math doesn't work, so you lose your temper??? That won't make it work better.

No, the difference between you and me is that I can live with the fact that a player has a few shortcomings (in DD's case, it's his defensive play), as long as what he brings positive to the team (his offensive game) are stronger than his shortcomings. In other words, as long as his line scores more goal than it allows, I'm pretty happy with that.

Every player has shortcomings. The Canes won't trade Semin because he's too soft. The Wild won't trade Clutterbuck because he doesn't score enough. The Kings won't trade Mitchell because his offense is not good enough. But you know what? These players are still successful in the NHL for one reason : Their strenghts are stronger than their weaknesses. Overall, they bring more positive than negative. Same for DD. Just do your math well.

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