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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Let 's put it this way, the excitement doesn't show in bars but on the internet. And that goes for every major sport these days. The biggest Finnish hockey site/messageboard has nightly GDTs for NHL and I've never seen more posts and posters there than this season. The chat window on HDPlayer is also very lively with plenty of people commenting on the games they are watching for free.
We're the world's largest hockey message board, and no one else is very close. We had a massive and sustained rebound after the lockout ended. We've grown in double digits (sustained traffic) as compared to 2012. Maybe there's something to shortening the season.

Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
TBF, can that even be measured? Like, is it worth more to pocket a few millions and have 2 million Americans watch a bad World Cup, or have 20 million watch an Olympics.

All I can say is that hanging out on casual message boards where poeple start game threads, no one started World Cup of Hockey threads except hardcores, but that casuals watch the Olympics and start asking questions about hockey after.

Just from a competition, open, and fair tournament, the World Cup is bad.....which is all I care about as a fan. I personally didn't watch the 04 World Cup for that reason.
I think it can be measured with sophisticated market research. You establish how newer fans 'came' to the sport. Right now, I think the exposure from the Winter Classic does more for the league than the Olympics. I know this is anecdotal as I haven't seen a study other than what Bettman commented on 4yrs ago, but most new fans say they adopted the sport when their city got a team, and/or a friend took them to a live game. I can't think of anyone who went to a live game wasn't left craving for more. The biggest issue the NHL has always had, it seems to me anyway, is that hockey doesn't translate very well to TV. The advent of HD is supposed to help that along.

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