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03-06-2013, 11:43 AM
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Boucher might be a great head coach but it looks like he needs some extra help on his coaching staff - someone with a fair amount of NHL coaching experience. First year, he had Fleming on his staff, and it was reported repeatedly how much Boucher relied on Wayne's advice and knowledge, specifically what Wayne's take was on game film. Since that has been absent, the "system" appears flawed. Worried that since Boucher's assistants were with him before at Hamiliton that he will not be open to changes being made. Of course, he ultimately doesn't have a choice but it would not be beneficial to the club if he is resistant due to loyalties.

The players definitely deserve some blame for the difficulties of this season, but it can't just be effort, especially from defensive players. Tampa on paper didn't have a top of the league defense, but it was significantly improved based on the players added. Then comes the regression of defensive players on Tampa's blueline - something is not working with the system or structure they are being asked to adopt. That should be a big red flag to the coaching staff - not that the players lack effort/heart but that maybe the staff needs to re-evaluate their instructions.

Guy said when he became head coach that he was coaching players not systems - but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. It's like they are going to continue to force players to match a system rather than adapt the system (somewhat) to the players you have on your roster.

And goalie coach has to change next year - that is a must. No goaltender on this team is really progressing - it again cannot be chalked up to the talent level of the goaltender - there have been too many for that. Can't have goaltenders leave and then mention how their new coaching is helping their game, for that to have no reflection on the goaltending coach within the organization. And I still am bothered by what Roloson said last year - that he tried listening to the instructions given to him by Jean (and of course Dwayne was awful during that time) before deciding to switch back to his own methods and suddenly playing well.

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