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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
yeah, what a crazy idea it would be to put a team in a market that would instantly become top five revenues in the entire league. i mean, how wacky would that be?

i must admit, im baffled by the continued criticism here of balsillie. it seems that people think it was perfectly fine for the city of glendale to steadfastly refuse adjusting the disastrous lease with moyes (yet was willing to bankrupt the city for a subsequent potential owner), and the NHL was prepared to bend moyes over and steal the franchise from him to give to reinsdorf. and yet it was such an evil thing for balsillie to go thru the BK courts to purchase the team, satisfy all creditors, pay the city a huge premium and start making money for everyone concerned.

it should be plainly obvious to anyone capable of objectively thinking about it ... were the team to have been moved to hamilton that year, not only would all of this mess and millions of dollars in losses have been avoided, but the league would be in better shape.

the longer this has dragged out the more it is clear that the two people least responsible for this outcome are moyes and balsillie. everyone else has p*ssed in the pool.

There was the issue of the 30 yr lease with COG, and the hundreds of millions already spent in building the arena for the team. Never mind the penalties for breaking the lease.

Novels rivaling War & Peace in length can be written about the handling of this from start to finish (I reserve publishing rights for CF's version), and COG can bear a lot of blame for mishandling Moyes' requests for subsidies, and he can bear blame for not nurturing a better relationship--- but there was no way out of the lease to move the team when JB made his bid.

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