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Originally Posted by SensFanDan View Post
Nah, it would just mean players would need to skate and pass (required hockey skills) insteaed of just slapping it out every 25 seconds. All for it here.

I'd go even more extreme though:

Goalies can no longer freeze the puck by using their trapper or freezing the puck on the ice. Goaltenders must return the puck to play immediately or suffer a Delay of Game penalty. A Goaltender who consistently refuses to activate the puck will receive an unsportsmanlike conduct for the first offense, then a game misconduct.

Basically, no more stopping the play constantly. Keep the puck in movement or be shorthanded. Would create a lot of erratic, exciting play in the defensive end and goaltenders would become better puck-handlers, good for your D and for everyone.

Shot/Pass clock.

Just to enrage everyone, mostly the purists. Five seconds to pass or five seconds to shoot. Willing to up to 10 seconds. No more just dawdling around the ice for seemingly minutes on end.

No back passing short-handed. Keep moving the puck forward.
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