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Originally Posted by jhnyr View Post
No, just the opposite, actually. I wanted a beer, but I didn't bother getting up... because I knew if these guys aimed their wrath at me... I'd have run my mouth at them. It's just all about common courtesy. We pride ourselves on being a classy fanbase, but it seems that's going out the window pretty fast lately. It's a sad state of affairs.
Some fans in attendance need to hear it.... Getting up in the middle of the play when they're seated in the middle of a row of seats so that 10-12 people on either side have to stand up and ruin the view for many other fans who are just trying to follow the play without interruption.... Many people don't understand the common courtesy that is expected to be extended while attending a game and hearing other fans make mention of it sends the message quick.... I never open my mouth about it but I'm thankful of the fans that do. Last year I attended a game where an out of town couple sat next to me and they must have gotten up 5 or 6 times while the play was going on... Any time they wanted to use the bathroom or get another beer they would just get up with no consideration whatsoever..... It go to the point where I was going to politely say something to them but decided to bite my lip....

Also, I wasn't following when you suggested that there is less time between whistles????

I went to the Caps game a weekend or two ago which was my first trip to MSG this particular season. When we went to our seats we found that people were sitting in them.... The game was about to start so rather than make a commotion and disrupt peoples' view, we walked to the top of the arena walkway and watched the game for a few minutes until there was a stoppage in play. We notified an usher and showed him our tickets and he went down and notified the people in our seats to move, which they did.

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