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07-24-2006, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
If you paid $15k in repairs on a 2006 car, you've gone awry somewhere. I suspect you have a pre-2004 model, which is different from the redesigned 2006 models. Anyway, what I was saying is that the interior quality, feel and drive of the Jetta was far better than the Mazda3. I find that Asian cars have a cheap quality to the interior from using poorer materials, Toyota the exception, since they're made in Canada.
You also have to make sure you don't get one of the South American VW's, since they're far worse than the German-made ones.
Yeah, it's an 01 so not relevant to this discussion. This is German-made. I've had a Brazilian-made volkswagen in the early 90s and it never had any problems. Granted, it was a cheap car, but it still was the most reliable vehicle I've ever had.

News this morning is that Volkswagen will pay for 50% of the latest repairs, so that's decent at least. That's after two weeks of dealing with their nonsense, mind you.

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