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03-06-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
The team has a lot of problems that will get exposed in the playoffs. They wont have the "flip the switch" bull that people said a few years ago. Say the team doesnt change how they are playing, go .500 the rest of the way while playing ****** hockey and somehow make the playoffs, do you have confidence they will do "damage"?

This is based off of you hoping that they "realize" how to play after 42 games and decide to play better in playoffs. In the end though, if we do miss playoffs and grab a decent pick, we can restock alittle and maybe make a run in a year or so. Our defense is average at best while our goaltending is really inconsistent. Our offense is still young and has potential but when you are playing guys like Talbot in the top 9, and have rookies with slumps (Couturier) its hard to get consistent offense.

One good thing coming out of all of this is Jake Voracek. He is seriously playing on another level, almost Giroux like from last season. If and this is a big IF, this is the REAL Voracek, we might have a really good player on our hands.
As I stated before, I dont think this team can win a cup, but I do think they're a playoff team. After you get into the dance, who knows what happens.....

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