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03-06-2013, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Who's talking about trading anyone right now?
Habs are doing well, no need for ANY trade right now!!!

But tweak can be made....things can be learn, lines can be changed too.
I'm not saying he must be put in a box and send to China....if this line could get a little bit of help defensively, it's a win for everybody, including DD.

DD as been on the ice more than any forward on this team for goals scored. He's the best!!
That is truly awesome

DD as been on the ice more than any forward on this team for goals allowed. He's the worst!!
That truly sucks.

It kind of balance itself....but it help as much as it hurt, that's the problem.

I wouldn't mind if DD was facing top offensive line night after night like Plekanec is....but it's so not the case.
You're argument is very flawed. If we go by this, Desharnais was our "best defensive" top-6 guy last year. He was on the ice for less ES goals against than Cole, Pacioretty, and Plekanec.

It's a flawed argument because its based on luck right now.

The goalies SV% when DD and Pacioretty are on the ice is downright horrific and a complete anomaly, despite that line severely outshooting opposition while they are on the ice.

PS. All the guy was saying above you is that that line has a positive +/- since being put together which doesn't even take credit for their PP production. Even having a positive +\- through the last few weeks when including the Carey Price stinkers is incredible.

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