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Originally Posted by Victory5 View Post
No offense, but what the hell are you talking about?? 55 points? That equates to over 100 points in a regular 82 game season.

Ive seen this multiple times on this board, that we have to go 16-8 just to make it. No..we really only have to hvae a winning record in the next 24 games. That would guarantee us around 47 points.

Lets look at the 1994-95 season when teams played only 48 games

In the east it took 47 points to make the playoffs, in the west, it took 42.

We have 23 now, if we win 12 more games, thats 47 points, thats a playoff spot, end of story.
In 1994-95, every game was only worth 2 points. Now thanks to the overtime loss rule, some games are worth 3 points. So basically there is more points to go around so it will take more points to get into the playoffs.

Last year, the total number of points combined for all teams was 2760 in 1230 games, so on average each game was worth 2.24 points.

This year, there has been 750 points in 333 games for an average of 2.25 points per game.

So basically points are inflated about 1.125X what they were in the 94-95 season (2.25 points per game/2 points per game).

So if it took 47 points to get in in 94-95, it should take roughly 47 X 1.125 = 52.875, so 53 points to get in.

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