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03-06-2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
This will be done with the NHL and NHLPA with the $ to benefit both parties. If guys like Ovechkin and Malkin do not want to play for Russia in this type of event, that is their choice. Just like Roenick didn't play for the US in 96 as he didn't have a contract at the time and didnt want to risk injury. However, the threat of Europeans boycotting a World Cup is not going to force the NHL to agree to send their players to the Olympics. If a guy like Leonsis wants to allow his players to go, that is their business, but I assure you if Ovechkin gets hurt the league is not going to have sympathy for the Caps.

Secondly, if the NHL doesn't agree to send and then a few teams allow their players to go, it is not going to be deemed a legit tourney in the eyes of most fans. Just like the World Championship.

For all we know, the commissioner may force clubs to suspend players during their time away--- and this may in fact be legally/contractually necessary. That means they wouldn't be getting paid nor covered by the league's insurance policy for subsequent problems.

To illustrate, let's say the league does not shut down but a portion of players choose to go to the Olympics. The NHL team has to call up reserve players in order to ice a full team. This is a cap implication. Suspending the player for the duration of the absence means that teams wouldn't be carrying that player's cost and the cost of the replacement. You can't see players wanting it otherwise either, since their share is fixed as percentage of total HRR.

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