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03-06-2013, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Miamipuck View Post
Meh yeah people that only wear full cages are the smart ones, lol.

Funny how those "smart" players are usually the dirtiest chippiest punks around.

I wore a half shield for years and got cut more from wearing that thing then when I wore no shield at all. I don't care if you wear a shield, dont wear a shield, it's your choice. I only make fun of the players that wear the full thing and skate around like punks. Otherwise, who cares.

It's one thing to make wearing a helmet mandatory. I think it's a whole other ballgame to make visors as well.

The only idiots are the ones advocating one or the other based on anecdotal evidence. Like I said, I got cut more when I had a visor on and that is verifiable. It doesn't make me right though.
How often were you using it to shave?

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