Thread: Confirmed with Link: Rangers Claim Roman Hamrlik
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03-06-2013, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by nevesis View Post
Staal WILL be out for at least a week, maybe even longer.

My friend who used to drive roll-off's got hit in the eye with a swinging rear door of a dumpster. He looked like a boxer who just got destroyed. His eye was closed shut for two weeks.

Even if its not broken, having ONE eye to see out of renders him unable to play. Bickel playing would be a disaster, kids in Hartford aren't ready. Hamrlik fills the void.
Hockey players are very different than average human beings. Not a clue how long Staal will be out, but comparing him to your friend doesn't really mean anything.

Players get there teeth knocked out and play the same game. I had my face shattered by a baseball and missed my entire season and it took weeks for me to recover in any sort of normal manner.

These guys are machines.

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