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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
The Circle of Life!

I do have a question about married life. In all the movies and shows they stereotypically show guys before and after marriage. And how they always had free time to hang out with friends and for themselves, but after they have close to zero free time for friends and himself. Is that true?
While not being married, I've lived with my girlfriend for the last 4 years, 3 of which have been on our own (first year we lived with my other roommates).

I will say that I force myself to make time for my old Roommates, to hang out with them, because I noticed that for really the first 1-2 years of being with her, I just found that I wasn't seeing them as much as I wanted to.

And it wasn't her fault, just the consequence of moving out and across town, and having different work schedules.

So now we still have different work schedules, for the time being we still live across town, though my oldest/best friend who was my old roommate is moving into my Apartment complex, but we try to hang out on the weekends. My GF works early mornings on Sunday's, and I have them off, so we try to get together more in the evening time


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