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Originally Posted by Burmistrov08 View Post
Purely for speculation purposes. What if the Jets missed the playoffs and won the NHL Lottery...

Who do you think the Winnipeg Jets would select? Why?
Would that player be sent back to Juniors? If so how long?
How would that draft choice affect others players?
Who would be a casualty of that draft choice?
How would that player affect the future of the team?
Would they be a perennial playoff team?

In my opinion if the Jets won the NHL lottery they would take Seth Jones. They would choose him due to the lack of skilled depth on the blue line. Yes we have Buff/Enstrom/Bogosian who are top 4 defensemen.

I believe that if we got Seth Jones he WOULD get sent back to juniors. The length of time would be 1 full year. The reasoning behind that would be that it would allow Winnipeg to influx BOTH Jones and Trouba on the point and give Winnipeg 6 SOLID defensemen and create a HUGE buzz of excitement in Winnipeg. Kane/Bogosian/Burmistrov/Scheifele all will be a year older and closer to their PRIME and Winnipeg would COMPETE for top spot in the division.

Players affected with this selection would be the future of Postma and Redmond as they would be moved down in the depth list and with a defense of Buff/Enstrom/Bogosian/Jones/Trouba/Stuart would give Winnipeg 2 offense specialist dmen, 2 two way dmen and 2 defensive specialist dmen.

The biggest casuality of the Jets winning the lottery would be Ron Hainsey. If Winnipeg were to select Seth Jones, Ron Hainsey who was signed to a long term deal based on having one very good season has been a disappointment in my opinion and does not possess above average skills defensively or offensively.

With Seth Jones on the team, Winnipeg would be competing for division champions with the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks. The focus would shift to the play of Pavelec. I believe that 6 solid defensemen would make Pavelec look a lot better. Too many of the goals Pavelec let in were on plays where Pavelec making a save would be very difficult. This is as a result of deflections, 2 on ones and Pavelec making a big save and another player not covered and they get an easy goal.

What is your opinion?
We are not going to be competing with Edmonton and Vancouver for division
champions as we will not be in the same division as them.

Jones is good but we have Trouba coming up. We need some quality forwards.
I would rather go for Valeri Nichushkin, Jonathan Drouin or possibly Nathan MacKinnon

The key is to be in top 4 in the draft this year to get anyone of the big 4.

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