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03-06-2013, 11:31 AM
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I tried league play when I first started, and too many people took it way too seriously.

Guys who were nice as heck off ice turned beastly once the puck started, as if they were a Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde type. As someone well into their 40s, my competitive sports career ended over 2 decades ago, and couldn't really care less if the team won - the important issue to me is always did you make good plays, set up good possessions by controlling the puck, perform without dumb mistakes, make nice passes, etc. The end results are of no interest, and that perspective did not endear me to the rest of my teammates.

I stick to open hockeys for the much longer ice time, relaxed environment, and the fact that my goalie won't throw his stick at me if I make a mistake in our end. It also allows me to practice certain types of plays one can't easily work on even in a stick-n-puck, like catching hard passes while racing up ice, or stickhandling through traffic. If I continue to improve, I might someday go back to league...

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