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03-06-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
His bad attitude?

Not the guy's biggest fan in terms of consistency and reliability, but what he said was true. That also probably went a long way into Molson's decision to clean up the mess upstairs. We were playing and preparing like losers, and our record showed just that. He was right on that aspect.
I'm not saying that his attitude towards management and coaching was misguided. I'm talking about how he took it out on the ice. He would clearly just give away the puck for no reason. He did this many times. For instance, he would skate behind the opponents' net. Stand there. And when there wasn't anybody there. He would just make a pass directed right in front of the net, as if we had a player there to make a near point blank shot.

I don't blame anybody on the team for hating management. But what he was doing on ice was just ******. It reflected bad on his linemates, as if to show they sucked. It's sucks for the team and fans when you're giving the puck away intentionally. That's what his bad attitude was, not his anger towards management which nobody blames him for.

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