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Originally Posted by deeman View Post
I thought I would get some input from you guys in regards to dekeing around the defense during a breakaway. I have seen the videos on toe drags etc, but what has worked best for you guys as you tried to implement these moves?My biggest challenge is either catching a pass and having a D right on top of me with little time to plan a move or hauling tail on a breakaway and coming up on the D quickly without any planning or thought. So, how would you guys normally handle a scenario when you catch a pass in the neutral zone or the offensive-end blue line and have either 1 or 2 D to contend with?Through the legs?Toe Drag – if this, how do you time this move. How close before you execute?Deke to one side power to the other – do you prefer to deke to the boards and power through center ice?Cradle/ protect the puck?Just trying to build some moves and need help with what works best and WHEN to execute them.Thanks!!
This is the major item I have spent many hours researching and working on over the past 4-6 weeks; catching a breakout pass from your own d-man as you head up ice and attack.

3 things, assuming you are playing non-checking:

1) it is important both right before and after you catch/control the pass to keep your head up to look up ice and see what the situation is ahead of you overall. Then to look and see if a d-man has picked you up as you skate into his area which way his shoulders and hips are leaning so that you can then skate the other way - if he is leaning left or right, cut sharply to the opposite side to create space. If it is just you attacking 2 d-men, you have a split second to decide whether to try and split them, or go outside of one towards the boards, nullifying the other d-man further away but cutting down your shooting angle as a trade-off. If you opt to split them, you will need to be able to either move the puck quickly left-to-right/right-to-left, or push it ahead and catch it a few feet up ice.

2) Toe drags are cool (been working intensely on mine for the past few weeks) but will often force you to slow down a bit, allowing the other d-man or back-checking forward to catch up to you. It is often better to either try to maintain your speed and go around the d-man and then head back towards the goalie or put the puck ahead of you/behind the dman (but not so far the goalie will beat you to the puck), re-capture your self-pass, and then shoot on net. Going thru the legs is a high risk move, though not as risky as a toe drag; often times unless the d-man is a noob they are able to move one leg and deflect the puck as it goes thru their legs off to one side, ending the attack.

3) M2 Hockey has a Youtube toe-drag video and they indicated you should be about 2 hockey stick lengths (about 10-feet or so) away from the d-man before initiating the toe-drag. Here is the video:

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