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03-06-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
If they buy out Richards the Rangers credibility when signing free agents will definitely take a hit.

A rich organization like them can afford to buy contracts out even if they are dumped in the minors.


All of those contracts didn't work out. They were lucky Drury retired, and Gomez netted them MacDonag from a drunk GM, but Redden and Richards will be precedents and agents, players will both notice.
That's what people said after Holik, then after Gomez & Drury, it's also what they've been saying since Redden. I don't think people get it, players like to play in New York and especially now that they're competative.

Richards chose to come here (and even turned down more money from calgary). Nash basically forced columbus to send him here. Any player the Rangers have openly pursued/wanted, for as long as i can remember, other than Brooks Orpik, has come here.

It's never going to change. Whether you like it or not, NY has an allure. Players like the big city, the big money, the big fanbase and the anonymity that it provides them in there everyday lives. The Rangers also are one of the highest spending franchises in the league in regards to stadium, training facilities, equipment, medical care, etc.

The ship sailed a long time ago with players knowing how bad uncle glen is at UFA signings. If Richards gets bought out, that money will go to another high-end player.

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