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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Kreider should be told the following:

1. In your own zone, just skate up, nobody will come at you given your size and speed.

2. In the middle zone, as soon as you face an opponent, dump the puck and go chase it. You'll probably get there first. Even if you arrive there at the same time as the defender, chances are that you are bigger and stronger, so you'll win the board battle.

3. Once your team gets the puck in the opponent's third, go park near the net. You will get a ton of goals from there. You can become a 40 goal scorer there.

4. If you try to stickhandle, McIlrath will be told you cheap-shoted someone on the team, and you don't want him thinking that. Stop stickhandling, you will be a bottom-6 scrub if you keep doing this.
Seconded. If he puts it all together, he's going to be a very good player, but he will be one of those guys who really excels in a few areas and really needs to keep it simple everywhere else. He's not a drink stirrer, he's not going to rush the puck and create. He has unteachable abilities that he needs to maximize by putting himself in the right position to let his physical gifts overmatch smaller or or slower opponents. If he gets in hard on the forecheck and plants himself in front of the net he's going to create havoc for defenders and put rebounds and tips in the net (and every once and a while a teammate will find him with space in the slot and he will pick a corner). If he tries to carry the puck or in anyway directly create offense, he won't make it. He has some of the strangest hands I've ever seen; they are elite in the fraction of a second it takes to receive a puck and shoot it, and mediocre after that.

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