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03-06-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by YogiCanucks View Post
Quick decision -> ball rolling towards his feet -> goes to pick it up -> hesitates when realizes it's a back pass -> goal

Hard to call him "done" after a very understandable error..
I thought he played okay, honestly. Silvestre was a complete disaster in front of him, though.

Anyways, one thing that's always peeved me about the CCL is the 4 births going to US and 1 going to Canada. Canadian teams often are fortunate to even have 1 birth so I'm not saying we shouldn't be happy we have one slots. I think the Amway Canadian Championship and the US Open Cup should give one slot per country. The 3 remaining US slots (which currently can only be won by US MLS teams) should be open to ALL MLS teams (US teams would more often than not win all 3 slots anyways considering any good Canadian team probably would have locked up the ACC). I only feel this way because MLS is a joint league between two countries (something rare in FIFA) and if qualification is based on strong performance in that league then by allowing all teams to compete would be in the interest of sending the best Concacaf teams to the Champions League.

Obviously there are some logistical issues since the MLS slots are locked up well in advance of the ACC taking place.
This was brought up in the previous MLS thread. The CCL spots are not awarded to MLS - they are awarded to the USSF, who then awards them to the US Open Cup winner and the three best American teams in MLS. The USSF has absolutely zero incentive to hurt its own chances in the CCL to help Canadian teams. Even if they wanted to give a spot to a Canadian team, CONCACAF probably would not let them.

If the primary concern of the Canadian clubs is the Champions League, then they should either a.) prioritize the Canadian Championship over early-season MLS games, or b.) break away and form their own first division, assuming they can find enough economically viable teams to make that arrangement work.

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