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03-06-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by MiscBrah View Post
I know but you can't make calculated decisions based off of random chance. It's like when PM put Daugavins first in the shootout after he scored that fluke goal. There was no way Daugavins was going to score again. I face palmed when I saw him go out first. What a waste of a shot.

Thank god he doesn't do that with every decision.
I actually love decisions like that. Aren't we always crying for accountability for poor play, and reward for good? The alternative was to put in Alfie, who is 0-for on the season. Even if we account for career averages Daugavins was 100%.

I'm kidding including the stats, but I have no issue with rewarding a young player with opportunities as a reward for recent contributions. He didn't score that time, but I like the message it sends. It's both an incentive and opportunity for good play to carry forward.

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