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03-06-2013, 12:35 PM
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This might be an odd question, but are NHL players currently permitted to wear a full cage if they chose to? The only time I've seen them is when a guy is healing from a severe facial injury (how ironic since the cage would've prevented the injury from occurring).

To those that believe wearing a visor or cage should be up to the players, do you believe wearing any helmet at all should be up to individual players? If you think helmets should be required, don't you think you probably would've had the same opinion about helmets before they were required that you have now about visors just because that's what you were accustomed to at the time?

I think it's better for the game to avoid serious injuries to very talented players than it is to preserve such trivial aspects of the game like face scrubs after the play.

As for the impact on fighting, I don't understand why more players don't remove their helmets as an accepted part of initiating a fight. What do they get out of destroying their hands punching eachothers helmets and visors?

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