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03-06-2013, 12:39 PM
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Over time you're seeing less and less guys not wear them, and that will continue to trend that way, I think. Once junior leagues started to mandate it that changed how many guys come into the league still wearing one. They were used to it and it didn't bother them so they kept wearing it. Some guys just don't want to bother and, for the time being, that's fine. It's their choice. For a long time it was a macho thing, guys just were perceived as less tough for wearing them. That's gone the way of the dinosaur and it's obviously much more the norm to wear one now.

What I think is nutty is recreational players not wearing one. It's one thing if you're paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone millions, as part of your profession as a player and something happens to your eye. But everyday people taking that risk on a regular basis, especially those in careers where your full eye site is paramount to what you do for a living, is a bit silly but that's just me. As fun as it is to have nothing at all, I always go with a visor, myself.

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