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03-06-2013, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post

USA Today


Perhaps it's about time you start doing your own research, as most here don't have the time to specifically hunt for what you are consistantly looking for. The resident ratings posters will post something here, as it is the nature of this thread so you can always refer back here as a resource as well

thanks for all those links but i clicked on all of them and each one only says the hawks great tv rating run and how nbc got 1.6 last weekend... etc.. etc.. always the same things on every site i go to when i searched google for nhl tv ratings..

i am looking only for the other teams tv ratings, like Nashville and especially LAKINGS. none of those links offered them. do you know where i can see how the kings are doing this yr?? thanks again for posting all those links.

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