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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Are you comparing that talent to what windsor returns? I'd take that Soo group 10 outta 10.
The Soos improvement did not come from being a year older, as the first third of the season proved. It was a COACHING change. Period.
All my point is - stats don't tell whole story, # of returnees doesn't tell the whole story. No one factor tells the whe story but yet someone just keeps regurgitating the same 2
Pts without allowing to consider other factors.
Your are correct stats dont tell the whole story,for instance lesser talented players playing with skill players will get more pts usually then playing with players of the same caliber,or younger skill players will get more pts then those of a similiar skill who play on a team with less skilled players because the checkers are playing against the high skill older guys,where as a team with less skill guys ,the younger skill guys dont have that safety net that older more skill teams have
As well injuries play a huge role ,as in the case of Windsor missing 2 of their top Defensive Dmen for a long stretch post trade deadline other players mostly younger
are forced to play roles, that are currently not suited for for example 1-2 pairings when they should be 4-5-6 guys,case in pt Ebert and Murphy more suited to 3 and 5 pairing roles,playing top 2 minutes against better teams players regularly as opposed to less often,and while this experience should pay off,its more short term pain,long term gain
People will look at Windsor"s record and say what a lousy team when in fact its not the case at all,as I mentioned before the 1st 30 games spits were 12-12-1-5,
with real problems scoring goals both defensively were better then ave with both goalies ave below 3.13,a 7 game slump ensued ,trades were made to beef up the scoring at the deadline,which occurred with additions of Koko,Aleardi,Koekkoek and Giftoppolous, spits went on a 5-0-0-1 run,injuries started to occur culminating in over
82 man games missed over a 24 game period excluding suspensions when just compounded things
It should be noted during the 1st 30 games there were less then 10 man games missed due to injury huge difference to what has occurred
Players have been playing roles not suited to their skill set promarily because of age and experience ie 16 year olds top 1-2-3 minutes
When this team was healthy they were competitive the record shows it
The fact that all players except Aleardi and Koko can return next yr not they will
4 or 5 wont means they can as competitive with Barrie just not London at present
Definite additions especially upfront and goaltending need to occur
The same applies to Barrie as well

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