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03-06-2013, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
When a player signs a team friendly contract, that goes into his ufa yrs, I'd say that player is happy where he's at. Or when he signs without testing the ufa market, I'd say that's player's happy where he's at. Isles have had Tavares, Grabner, Moulson, Neilsen and Okposo do this.

We had a Swiss fan visit or board during the lockout, to tell us Streit was gonna be leaving this summer as a ufa, that he wanted to play for a winning team.Several months later, Streit's telling Newsday he wants to stay, thinks this group is very close to turning the corner.

I'm gonna guess Tavares, Grabner, Moulson, Neilsen and Okposo felt the same way.

If 24 yr old Okposo ends up getting a change of scenery, it'll be because he'll been bumped aside by a younger, hungrier and cheaper forward and I'd expect he'd go in a package for NHL talent.
there was a time we had guys like thornton/samsonov/boynton/raycroft/murry forming the young nucleus of our team. they all spoke well in public for the most part. they seemed to sign contracts fairly easily with us.

but there was a poison going on... a loser culture or something? management of course was partly to blame.

ultimately we won a cup a few years later and all these guys were not part of it. they all had to go.

if your situation is better... then im very happy for you. i was sad to see my favorite players get sent packing. but in the long haul, when the dust settled... it was the right thing for our team to let us get a better culture and a real winning club put together the right way.

i say again... if okposo is available, i personally like him. id give up a first and caron fro him. i hope i dont seem like im saying the guy is crap. i just say if he does get moved, chances are its for clubhouse/culture reasons or personal reasons. as a talent he seems to be what NY needs for talent and as you say his contract seems good.

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