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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
Where to start on this mess from a la point of view. Well first off cant trade greene right now due to the fact his coming off back surgery and i dont think u can trade a injuryed player. Next its no secret among kings fan im not a huge fan of nolan cause they keep moving him up to 3rd shifts when hes best on the 4th line but Hes starting to find some chemistry with clifford there and im liking him more and more on the 4th line.

Ok now onto the canadian players that u want to send back to la. I did like Kablerle like 5 years or more ago. He wouldnt make the kings right now imo I would rather play drew dewiski jake muzzin and ellerby.

this david desharnais has some talent but hes 5 7 173 seriously way to small to play in las system. The kings are a big phyiscal team. Not to mention hes a center we have our center needs for the forseeable future. Kopitar richards stoll fraser with carter lewis richardson king and nolon all waiting to play there natural postion. Not even mentioning the centers we have in the ahl also ready or close enuf to ready in the ahl.

Next Louis Leblanc who is list everywhere as a center but i was "told" he plays wing from ur fanbase in a different thread. Im assuming he plays rw being a right hand shot. Hes not beating out williams or carter for 1 or 2 rw spot. He imo might be a upgrade over king offensively but the coaching staff is in love with kings size and grit.
so to make a long story short kings say no easily
This was the perfect reply. I absolutely agree with what is stated in this replay. I like how nobody needs to get called "trash", either.

Thank you.

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