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Originally Posted by punch1943 View Post
Lots of very good points have been made in the last dozen or so posts and good arguments made that all three teams would be competitive in 2014 but IMHO the deciding factor is this. The Spits were caught cheating and admitted they were in violation of league rules. The OHL would appear to be, in the eyes of many fans, rewarding the Spitfires and downplaying the cheating scandal.

If then,the steering committee awards the Memorial Cup to either Barrie or London, London irregardless of hosting in the not too distant past, will be awarded the Memorial Cup hosting based on the almighty $$$.
I agree with what u are saying,however Windsor is paying the price for their sins,and that should be the end of it,I am pretty sure the league figured the team would not be adversely affected this past yr and next to an extent,but by finshing out of the playoffs and losing the 4th overall pick is cruel fate indeed
For a league that does not trading 1st trading picks prior to a draft,the taking away of such is akin to eating its young and crippling a franchise to me is unfair
Everybody knows everybody cheats,Windsor"s problem was getting caught by their
loud arrogance
A fine large if u will and the loss of 2nd picks only would have sufficed imo
People have suggested Windsor go for it in 2017,what people forger is that they dont have a pick in the 1st rd of 2016,same situation as this year leading to a mem cup yr

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