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03-06-2013, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
Ok, I think my point was not made clearly enough, when I said "In order to succeed" I did not mean elite level i.e. NHL. Obviously as you said in all sports the elite start at young age. I was talking about the lower levels, but are still a decent competitive level. You would not find a player in the EIHL or even the EPIHL who started playing after their 10th birthday at the latest, go down to NIHL division 1, you might find a few, maybe. Those are hardly high levels. Many would consider making it to EPIHL level in British hockey "succeeding" as it is semi-professional.
This all seems convuluted. You're spinning a circle that i don't see the point of.

Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
But yes, I do believe hockey is a harder sport to play and develop to the elite level, based on my experiences playing different sports and due to facts: the huge number of different physical skill required and the difficulty of those skills. I also believe the cognitive skill is more important, due to the pace of the game. Yes football requires a great deal of awareness and all that but you have a lot more time with the ball to make decisions compared to hockey.
Your experiences are not facts. I can jump on board with the idea that ice hockey is initially a harder game to play because of it's peculiarities. Your experiences however, do not come remotely close to providing any semblance of imperical evidence that ice hockey is a harder sport to reach the elite at than any other sport.

Claiming a certain sport is harder than any other sport requires alot more than a sole persons "experiences" (again, what your good at/body type can manipulate your views on this anyway), nevermind how loborious and arbitary a question it is, since no defined hierarchy in "skills" exists. You've simply arbitarily assigned certain skills that you believe to be harder than others.

For the sake of constructing your argument, are you saying ice hockey requires a more difficult combination of skills that align, or that it is a sport that requires a higher execution in decision making, or both?

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