Thread: Confirmed with Link: NHL and NHLPA approve re-alignment
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03-06-2013, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
How were they? I've never been to any games out on the West coast/ western provinces.

Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal are all awesome buildings. You won't regret going. But seriously, if you come to Ottawa I can probably get tickets and we will drink everytime Babs plays an over the hill vet in favour of a youngster. Then we can go to the hospital and get our stomachs pumped (Canadian healthcare amirite?!)
I didn't think Calgary was all that special. Sight lines seemed pretty good, but we had lower bowl seats.

Vancouver was amazing. The city is so fun and we met some very interesting people. Crazy expensive. I loved the atmosphere inside the arena.

Sorry, but i'm from MERICA!!!!!!!!!! no socialist health care for me.

I am an excellent alcoholic so i am not too worried about getting my stomach pumped.

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